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Hi World!

Today was connection day. I’ve been twiddling accounts and grasping for toggle buttons in my WordPress blog, Linked In, and Facebook, like some kind of crazed space-western tech-jockey. All of it to reach my readers and fellow writers and authors out there in the ‘verse (Oh, so you recognized the Firefly reference, didja?! :D)  Here’s hoping they all work properly, now.  For a while there, I wasn’t able to get the WordPress to connect to the ulna, er, the Twitter, but I think we have it down, now.  I’ll know if I’m able to post this bit.  Wish me luck and pray that the compression coil isn’t on the fritz again. Here goes!

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New Release from Urania Sci-Fi/Spec-Fi at Musa!

The Best Weapon: David Pilling & MartinBolton – The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy. Two young men, born on opposite ends of the world, are inexorably drawn together by forces outside their control or understanding. Created and manipulated by demonic forces, they must take charge of their own destiny.
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Author Martin Bodenham

Martin Bodenham’s fantastic new thriller, The Geneva Connection (Musa Publishing), is featured in a review with Corporate Financier Magazine. Follow the link to read it: Martin Bodenham Interview

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Penumbra Magazine: March Edition is Steampunk Flavored!

Oh, we do like our Steampunk! Thanks,  Musa Publishing.
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Interview Musa Author: Vivian Faith Prescott(by Capital City Weekly)

Hi fellow Writers and Authors! Take a minute to read about Vivian Faith Prescott, AKA Author L.K. Mitchell. I’m amazed at this woman’s credentials. Just reading about her life is so inspiring to me as an Author; she shows how much one person can do in a day, or a year,  etc., discusses print book vs e-book publishing, and where she finds inspiration for her many works of children’s, and YA fiction. Take a look, buy the book!

C.K. Riffle

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Site Hopping

Hello, welcome to my afternoon ramble on social websites.

How new are you to the social strata? Do you send  Tweets, Blog to readers, Email, Link to someone, jump on Facebook, share books and comments about it to a page, or website?

And how long are you engaged in all this tweeting and socializing? Perhaps only five, minutes? Once a week? All day long, every day?

As an author, I’m really enjoying my experience, sprucing up and promoting  my short story, Stealing Time through Musa Publishing’s inner and inter-connected social networks. We’re all linked together through email and Facebook, and an Authors Group where writing  ideas are shared and commented on, with help at the ready from editors and authors alike.  Finally, we all have our own Blog sites, and can link to those through the author site, too.

Oh, wait, there’s more: We read each others offerings,  interview one another, and are encouraged to be interviewed outside the Musa Publishing lines, in non-Musa Blogs and participate in Blog Tours.

Sound like a lot on an author’s plate? It is, but this is marketing at its best, folks. It requires a bit of work, and a dedication of time, but I think it’s worth the effort for the connections  made, and the genuine support given and received.

Setting a time limit on the socializing is important, because I still need to work on the sequel to Stealing Time. Since I’m still learning the ropes, the set up process is a bit daunting, but I’m enjoying meeting all of my fellow Musa Authors and editors. But, I have to remind myself that this is all serving a purpose; bottom line, what I gain is better exposure for my brand name, my  publisher, and my product.

So what are you doing to promote yourself and connect to your fellow writers and authors? Get connected, you won’t regret it.

See you ’round the Blogs,

C.K. Riffle

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Go To Bed; Your Novel Will Thank You

Today has been set up day for my new life as a contracted Author.  What have I contracted…so far an amazing Publisher: Musa Publishing for my Steampunk short story, Stealing Time, and a supreme lack of sleep.  I’m going to write more tomorrow night on the sequel, after I return from working my day job. I’ve got happy feet, though, knowing that I finally made it from Writer to Author. I can’t wait for my readers to discover my tales and I hope they enjoy them as much as I do. Okay, my eyes are closing from the bottom up at this point.  I’ll talk at you more tomorrow. C.K. Riffle  *whistles Sheila E’s “Glamorous Life” as she heads up the stairs to bed*   

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